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Foods of the NFL: Green Bay Packers

English: Fried cheese curds
Fried cheese curds (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Three things typically come to mind when you think of food and Green Bay, Wisconsin: cheese, beer and brats.

Beer bread The allure of beer bread is easy to see-it's a cinch to make and the flavor is easily changed by using different types of beers. Plus, adding "beer" to the title of anything automatically makes it appear more manly, thus acceptable for tailgating. It can be enjoyed plain but it is especially good when cut into cubes and dipped into cheese fondue.  

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Colby cheese is the only cheese to be called a true Wisconsin native. It was developed near Colby, WI in 1847 by a man named Joseph Steinward. Colby is similar to cheddar, but is a softer, milder cheese. It is popular for snacking, topping salads and grilling. To incorporate colby cheese into your tailgating celebrations, serve it cubed with pepperoni and crackers and allow guests to "stack" as desired. It also makes a yummy accompaniment to a veggie or fruit tray for those looking for healthier options.

Cheese curds are a distinctly Wisconsin delicacy. They are small pieces (curds) of fresh cheese that are battered and deep fried. For a more detailed look at cheese curds, please visit What's Cooking America. You can purchase frozen cheese curds from Schwan's or steaming hot and ready to eat from Culver's.

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Kraut topped brats are the food of choice at Lambeau field, so they are a natural choice to add to your tailgating feast. My sources tell me that Johnsonville brats are the brat of choice for Cheeseheads.

Venison chili can be made using meat from the state's official game animal. Unlike the beef used in traditional chili recipes, venison is high in protein and lower in fat, so you can healthify your game day ritual while enjoying a hearty bowl of chili. It is also a good source of iron and B vitamins. If you would like to try your hand at making venison chili, here is a tempting recipe from
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