Thursday, January 10, 2013

Green Mountain Coffee brings back popular winter favorite

Green Mountain Coffee let it be known today, January 10th, that they are bringing back their popular Golden French Toast flavored coffee for the winter season. Green Mountain describes this coffee as:

"Remember those lazy Saturday mornings when everybody slept in? About the only thing that would open our eyes (other than the smell of just brewed coffee, of course) was the mouth-watering aroma of buttery French toast and warm Vermont maple syrup. It seems even our weekend mornings are busier than ever, so we put the aromas and flavors of our favorite weekend treat in our coffee. It's all here: the maple aroma, and buttery, golden toasty flavors, warmed with just a touch of cinnamon" 
Green Mountain Coffee Roasters
Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This popular coffee is available in 24 K-cup packs for $16.49 and 10 ounce ground bags for $9.49. Join the Green Mountain Cafe Express Club and save 15% off of all your Green Mountain purchases. For more updates from Green Mountain Coffee, follow their tweets on Twitter or like their Facebook fan page.

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