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What are the health benefits of drinking coffee

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There is more to coffee than meets the eye. Many of us use a cup (or two) as a way to jumpstart our morning. We may even drink a cup during the afternoon as a quick pick-me-up. Some indulge as an after dinner treat. There are as many reasons why we drink coffee as there are ways to prepare it. But did you know that drinking coffee can be beneficial to your overall health and well being?
  • It can help you shed pounds. Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health found that people who drank coffee gained less weight over a period of 12 years than those who cut back on their consumption.
  • It can help boost your fitness regimen. If you are the type of person to engage in multiple workouts a day, drinking a cup of coffee and eating a piece of toast increases the glycogen in your muscles by 66%.
  • It can help you wake up refreshed after a nap. Since it takes a half hour for caffeine to kick in, drinking a cup of coffee before a cat nap can actually help you wake up feeling more refreshed and and alert.
  • It can help fight off illness. The National Institute of Environmental Medicine (in Stockholm, Sweden) found that drinking 2 cups a day lowers a person's risk of getting liver cancer. It has also been shown that young women that drink 4 cups of coffee a day reduce their breast cancer risk by 40%.
  • It can help ease your aching muscles. Scientists speculate that caffeine may block the body's adenosine receptors. It also seems to block neuro-transmitters that signal pain during exercise.
  • It can help you get what you desire. The European Journal of Social Psychology notes that attacking a tough topic over a cup of coffee may make skeptics more receptive to your ideas.
  • It can improve recall. Caffeine perks up your short term memory. Grab a cup before your next big meeting or while studying.
So, before you hit the gym, hit the library or hit the boardroom, have a cup of coffee. You will feel better, remember more and maybe have the power of persuasion on your side. All while possibly fighting off cancer!
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