Tuesday, January 29, 2013

You gave her WHAT color roses?!?

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Since it is almost February, and there isn’t very much going on in the wonderful world of gardening, our resident Green Thumb Gardener, Dave Wittmann, is offering up some sage advice for our male readers for Valentine’ Day. We hope you enjoy this humorous look at the wonderful world of roses. 

As a guy, I often goof up on things like anniversaries, birthdays, and especially Valentines Day. In an attempt to keep some of you out of the dog house on the 14th (hint), I have gone to Morrison's Gardens for a partial list of the meaning of rose colors. Please note that this is a partial list and is only meant to keep you out of the doghouse. The rest is better left to the professionals.
  • Red: Beauty, courage, romantic love, love, respect. Single red rose means “I love you”. 
  • Deep Burgundy: (Aint that red?) Unconscious beauty 
  • White: Purity, innocence, secrecy, humility, silence worthiness. (Wait, how do innocence and secrecy go together?) 
  • Bridal White: Happy love (What is bridal white and ain’t all love happy?) 
  • Pink: Thank you, grace, “Please believe me” (Is that good or bad? Starting to scratch my head now). 
  • Dark pink: Appreciation, gratitude, “Thank you” (wait, is that all the same thing? And does she believe me yet?) 
  • Light pink: Sympathy, gentleness, grace. 
  • Yellow: Joy, gladness, delight, friendship, promise of new beginning, welcome back, remember me, jealousy, “I care”. (Talk about mixed messages) 
  • Yellow with red tip: Friendship, falling in love (wait, which one) 
  • Peach: Appreciation, closing the deal “let's get together”, sincerity, gratitude (Ain’t no way I'm touchin' this one...) 
  • Pale peach: Modesty 
  • Coral: Desire (What in the wide wide world of sports is coral. And If I didn't desire, I wouldn't be giving the dad gum roses.) 
  • Orange: Enthusiasm, desire (there's that desire thing again) 
  • Black: Death, farewell 
  • Blue: Blue roses? Are you kidding me? Oh, forget it, I am off to the jewelry store.

Contributed by Dave Wittmann
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