Friday, March 8, 2013

Folger's introducing new "Fresh Breaks" product line

There are many reasons why I love writing about food, but finding out about new products before the general public has to rank as number one. I absolutely love knowing about new things before everyone else! I get a certain sense of satisfaction when someone tells me about this great new product they found while grocery shopping and I can look them in the eye and say "Yeah, I know all about that". 

I was recently approached by a representative for Folger's to share their new product line, Fresh Breaks, with you all. The Fresh Breaks line features roasted, concentrated instant coffee in single serve packaging that can go with you anywhere you might need a freshly brewed cup of coffee. These single serve packs are designed to have the taste of a fresh brewed cup of coffee and is available in three varieties:
  • Breakfast Blend-Soothingly smooth, mild roasted flavor ready whenever, wherever you are.
  • Columbian-100% Columbian coffee taste ready whenever, wherever you are.
  • Black Silk-Unbelievably bold, yet exceptionally smooth flavor ready whenever, wherever you are. 
All three varieties are available for purchase in 7 count packages and can be found in the coffee aisle at most major grocery chains. To enjoy a hot, fresh cup of coffee wherever you are, add a packet of Fresh Breaks to a mug or cup, stir in hot water or milk and enjoy!

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