Monday, May 13, 2013

Wrigley hopes to patent new gum

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We all know the old adage: when one door closes another one opens. Well, this may ring true for the Wrigley Company as they seek to patent their new breath freshening gum. Just last week, the company announced they were pulling their newest product "Alert" from store shelves and halting all production for the time being amid an FDA investigation.

The new gum contains a combination of zinc and isothiocyanate, which the company claims reduces volatile sulfur compounds (VSC's). These are the compounds responsible for bad breath. When used individually, the ingredients have a short term effect on bad breath, but when combined, they reduce VSC's by:
  • 87% immediately after chewing
  • 56% one hour after chewing
  • 48% two hours after chewing
  • 24% three hours after chewing

No word on what the new gum will be named or when we can expect it to hit store shelves.
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