Friday, June 28, 2013

Fruit2O is encouraging all of us to "Dial It Back"

As a member of Mom Select, I am sometimes chosen to host parties and sample products for the companies they work with. I was recently chosen to host a Fruit2O "Dial It Back" party and was provided with free products and coupons in exchange for my post.

As an avid blogger, product reviewer, recipe sharer and well, woman, sometimes I go overboard and overshare. Yes, I openly admitted that! I am guilty of saying too much some days, especially on Facebook. It is exactly for this reason that Fruit2O has created the "Dial It Back" petition on Facebook and corresponding app. The "Dial It Back" button would give everyone a chance to fire a warning shot of sorts when we overshare. Kind of a "Hey, you went too far" notice. I tried out the app and was warned that I might be oversharing my "what I ate for dinner" type posts. LOL Guilty! Well, in my case they are more "what I made for dinner" posts. I was also warned about the violations of friend hoarding, being overexposed and using the words "life", "cake", "work" and "good" too much.

Anyway, I digress... I was chosen to host a "Dial It Back" party. Unfortunately, life is messy and sometimes poo happens, and I was unable to host my party as scheduled =( Instead, I shared my bounty with friends and family who had nothing but good things to say about the Fruit2O products we sampled. My package contained Strawberry, Grape and Watermelon Fruit2O and the comments ranged from:
"This is really good, what is it?" to "Mommy, can I have another bottle of that strawberry water? It's reeeeeeeally good!" to "We need to buy more of this at the store". Fruit2O-you pleased everyone who tried your product! You have no idea what kind of a feat that truly is.

Fruit2O comes in ten flavors, including tropical fruit, strawberry, raspberry, peach, lemon, watermelon, grape, orange, cucumber lemon and cherry. I have tried several of the flavors and have been pleasantly surprised with them all. Each 20 ounce bottle contains no calories, no sugar, no fat, 65 mg of sodium and real fruit essence. As the temperatures have been soaring in Ohio, I have started stocking the fridge with these waters to have on hand when I get home from work and when the kids come in from playing outside. They are a great way to cool off as they come packaged or when used in cocktails. Fruit2O-keep up the good work and make sure to remind the Kroger in Springboro, Ohio to stock your cherry flavor. I am dying to try it.

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