Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Be one of the first to discover Wine Maps

If you love wine, there is a new interactive travel map that may be of interest to you. Visit WineMaps online to signup for their newsletter and to get an exclusive invitation to explore their beta site. By visiting their site, you can look for the nearest WineMaps locations, check in to wineries, write reviews, share them to your social networks or even plan a wine tour! Whether you are looking for a winery to visit oversees while on vacation or a local wine bar where you can meet up with friends, WineMaps can help make your next experience with wine a little more enjoyable. A mobile app is currently in the works to work in conjunction with the website.

WineMaps, Inc was created by Ryan Ornelas, a stay at home dad of two and former IT director of Joie de Vivre Hospitality. To learn more about Ryan and his inspiration for WineMaps, please visit The Content Wrangler and read the interview they conducted with him. You can also find WineMaps on Twitter and Facebook.

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