Monday, July 22, 2013

Request your free guide to Ohio wineries

If you are a fan of fine wine, you may already know that Ohio is home to numerous top notch wineries. If you don't know this, well, now you do! Pop over to Taste Ohio Wines and request your choice of the Ohio Wine Guide booklet or the Ohio Wine Wheel. Better yet, do as I did and snag both!

The Ohio Wine Guide includes a listing of all of the wineries in the state and a map of their locations. The Wine Wheel breaks down the various varietals, what temperatures to serve them at and what types of food they pair best with.

These two resources are both available at no cost and include a wealth of information for beginning enthusiasts as well as more seasoned wine drinkers. I made my request a couple of weeks ago and my package came over the weekend. In addition to the guide and wheel, it also included an issue of "Love At First Sip", a magazine detailing wine related events, basic knowledge of the wine making process and more.

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