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The five most popular good for you foods of 2014

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If you are looking for the hottest ingredients in the market today, here is a list to help get you started!
  • Tumeric Tumeric, which is rich in curcumin, has long been used in Chinese and Indian medicine for its anti-inflammatory properties. It has been used to treat gastric disturbances, jaundice, menstrual complaints, hemorrhage, toothache, colic and more and has recently been found to possess anti-cancer properties. To read more about the health benefits of tumeric-and curcumin-please visit The World's Healthiest Foods.
  • Kale This leafy green vegetable is starting to come into its own now that it is known to be one of the healthiest veggies we can eat. Not only does it help lower cholesterol it can also help prevent cancer. It may also help those who suffer from asthma, arthritis and auto-immune disorders. To read more about kale, please visit The World's Healthiest Foods.
  • Ginger Not only is ginger delicious, it has many health benefits which has helped boost its popularity. It has been used to treat upset stomachs, flatulence, motion sickness and morning sickness. However, its health benefits goes beyond helping those with touchy digestive tracts. Ginger has also been used to help treat bronchitis, menstrual cramps, migraines and muscle pain. To read more about the benefits of eating ginger, please visit Mother Nature News.
  • Chia When you hear the word "chia", you probably think of the annoying commercials for Chia Pets and not something that you would want to add to your diet. Well, it turns out that the very seeds many of us have been buying as gag gifts for years are very beneficial when eaten! They provide a boost of energy, stabilize blood sugar, help with digestion and lower cholesterol. For more deliciously healthy information on chia seeds, please visit The Huffington Post.
  • Cranberry It has been known for years that cranberry juice helps clear up urinary tract infections, but the benefits of these deep red berries extends much further. They are also being used for oral and digestive health, lowering cholesterol and increasing immunity. For more information on the many benefits of cranberries, please visit Runner's World.
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