Sunday, March 30, 2014

Bottoms Up! Winter Ale from Rivertown Brewing

Winter Ale from Rivertown Brewing Company is a seasonal brew that is released each year in November and lasts only through the first of the year. It is described as:

"a winter spiced ale with a thick body, creamy head, ruby hue and bog bold flavors with hint of caramel, toffee and cinnamon. It's sure to keep you warm through the cold winter night. Best served at 45 degrees F in a snifter glass. ABV 7.5%". 

Here are my interpretations of this beer:

Appearance: This ale pours a nice reddish amber hue and features little head or lacing.

Smell: At first sniff, I immediately noted citrus and spice, but neither were overpowering. Cinnamon is a primary scent and is tempered nicely with an earthy nuttiness.

Taste: This ale is brewed with molasses and I was expecting a much heavier tasting brew because of it. I was pleasantly surprised when the molasses complemented the blend of cinnamon and caramel and did not overpower either. Hoppiness is present, but takes a backseat to the sweet maltiness of this beer.

Mouthfeel: This beer offers a medium weight body and an appropriate amount of carbonation. A little drying on the tongue.

Overall Impression: I have tried several brews from Rivertown Brewing Company and I must admit I am becoming quite a fan. Winter Ale is a nice blend of flavors without some of the complexities of other seaonal brews that more often than not falls apart in execution. It is a very drinkable holiday libation that offers the best of the season's flavors without offending the palate. Thi would be a great "starter beer" for those who are skeptical of trying spiced, seasonal brews. I would recommend serving this beer with seasonal desserts or wild game.

Winter Ale is brewed locally by the Rivertown Brewing Company from Lockland (Cincinnati), Ohio. It is available for sale in 12 ounce bottles or on draft. Bottles may be purchased as a six pack or as a part of a variety sampler. It can be purchased in bottles at Heather's Coffee and Cafe, located in Springboro. For more information, please visit the Rivertown Brewing website or Facebook page.

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