Monday, March 10, 2014

Mange's fresh fruit vinegars and Kickstarter create a delicous coupling

Kickstarter has helped many people turn their business dreams into reality by pairing
entrepreneurs and investors in a unique way. It all begins with an idea that gets pitched to the public via Kickstarter's website. Anyone wishing to help make someone's dream come true can pledge a donation. In many cases, donors will receive a thank you "gift" for their contribution. 

Mange's, located in Massachusetts, is one such company looking for funding to bring its line of fresh fruit vinegars to a larger market. The vinegars, which are created by using fresh fruit in every bottle, were the brain child of Christopher Spivak who was enamored with the Brazilian way of using fresh fruit in so many of their dishes, not just desserts. The products have proven to be so popular that Mange's is having a difficult meeting the demands of production. This is where Kickstarter enters the picture.

Christopher needs new machinery to keep up with his customers' demands but does not have the funding to pay for it, so he has turned to the public for help. If you would be interested in helping, please visit the Mange's Kickstarter page and pledge a donation. If the project is fully funded, donors will receive the following thank you gifts:
  • $10 a set of recipe cards
  • $15 2-40ml bottles of their new flavors to be released in May
  • $25 5 sample size bottles
  • $50 a 200ml bottle 
  • $75 a 430 ml bottle
  • $80 3 200ml bottles
  • $120 a Gamble Box of three bottles
  • $175 full taster set and a Gamble Box containing their two new flavors and fig
  • $250 a full set of 200ml bottles and the two new flavors
  • $300 a full set of 430ml bottles and two Gamble Boxes
  • $350 a full set of 430ml bottles and a two tier display rack
  • $500 a full set of 430ml bottles, display rack and a card valid for ten free bottles
  • $800 (limited to ten donors) a full set of 430ml bottles and finger foods for your next party
  • $1000 (limited to six donors-Boston and NYC areas only) full set of 430 ml bottles and a punch card valid for 10 more additional 200 ml bottles and finger foods for 20 guests or sit down dinner for four. 
If you find yourself unable to help at this time, but are intrigued by the product just the same, the full line of products can be purchased through the Mange's website. Flavors include: Blackberry, Blood orange, Cherry, Fig, Green apple, Mango, Passion fruit, Pear, Raspberry, Red pepper and White peach. They are light enough that they can be sampled from a spoon (if desired) yet flavorful enough to use in a wide variety of recipes. 

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