Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Rapid Ramen Cooker: A new way to cook your Ramen fast

Once upon a time, in a life far, far away, I was a young woman who lived on a very tight budget.
Ramen Noodles weren't just a choice for me, they were a lifestyle! (I can see many of you nodding in agreement). Now that I am older and have kids, my budget has tightened back up and I once again find myself relying on these inexpensive, yet versatile, noodles to help feed my family. College students, single moms, waiters and waitresses-we all know the value of Ramen Noodles...

From microwaving noodles to cooking them on the stove, making Ramen Noodles is a fairly simple task. Unfortunately, getting them cooked to the right consistency can be quite the pain in the rear. Mine always seemed to turn out overcooked and glue-like or undercooked and still crunchy in the middle. When I was given the chance to test out the Rapid Ramen Cooker, I pounced at the chance to test drive one. It was my hope to never hear my children complain that I screwed up their noodles yet again. 

The premise behind the Rapid Ramen Cooker is a simple one: you cook your Ramen Noodles in a
BPA-free plastic bowl that is reusable and dishwasher safe. All you have to do is place your noodles in the bowl, add water to the fill line and microwave for four minutes. So simple, anyone can do it! The goal is to cook your noodles faster than if you were using your stove in a bowl that can be eaten directly out of. I was sold on the concept.

The first time I tried it out, I must admit that I was a little skeptical of the Rapid Ramen Noodle creator's claims of a faster way of making noodles. Boy, was I surprised! Four minutes after I punched the start button on my microwave, I was taking perfectly cooked noodles from it. Not gluey, not crunchy-perfectly tender noodles without a ton of excess water to drain away and scald myself with. Hooray! skeptic to believer in 240 seconds, not bad Rapid Ramen Cooker, not bad!

For those of you who enjoy experimenting with Ramen and not simply eating them with the little foil packet of flavoring, Rapid Ramen also offers a unique cookbook. With recipes such as Curry in a Hurry, Fresh Ramen Spring Rolls and Fiest Salad, it is a great add-on for anyone who is trying to create a unique menu and stay within a tight budget.

Is the Rapid Ramen Cooker for everyone? Heck no. Ramen Noodles themselves aren't for everyone. But for all of us who truly enjoy these frugal grocery store staples, I highly recommend a Rapid Ramen Cooker and its companion cookbook. For more information, please visit the Rapid Ramen website and Facebook page

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