Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Tips for hosting a summer ice cream tasting party

Ice cream sundae with strawberries
Ice cream sundae with strawberries (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
While we might be enjoying a little reprieve from the unusually warm month of May, summer is bearing down on us and it will be here before we know it. One thing nearly all of use enjoy during the dog days of summer is ice cream. What's not to love? It's cold, it's sweet and it takes us away, momentarily, to another place where the temperatures are not near as high an the humidity isn't oppressive. One fun way to celebrate all things ice cream is to host an ice cream tasting at your next social gathering. The following tips will help make your event one that will be talked about for years to come.

  • Stock your buffet table with several flavors of ice cream, homemade is preferable, but if you don't have time or desire to make your own, there are plenty of brands at your local grocer to choose from. To make your tasting even more delicious, include a variety of frozen treats, such as frozen yogurt, sherbet, gelato, semifreddo and sorbet. Be sure to have plenty of small spoons, ice cream cups and napkins on hand.
  • Set up an area where guests can create their cone and sundae masterpieces. You will want to include cake and sugar cones, waffle bowls and parfait or sundae dishes. Make sure you have plenty of ice cream toppings, sprinkles, syrups, chopped nuts, whipped cream and cherries available for experimenting. 
  • Eating ice cream will create some thirsty guests, so be prepared with an assortment of cool beverages, some of which may be incorporated into their tasty treats. Think iced coffee, soda, fruit juice, water and iced tea. For easy access, all of the drinks can be placed in a kiddie pool filled with ice and guests can serves themselves as needed.
  • For added fun, hand out two part raffle tickets to each guest as they arrive. Be sure to keep one half of each ticket and place them in a basket. Draw for ice cream related door prizes throughout your party. Some prize ideas include jars of toppings, a gift certificate to a local ice cream shop, an ice cream scoop, etc.

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