Sunday, June 16, 2013

Bottoms Up! Helles Lager from Rivertown Brewing

Helles lager, from Rivertown Brewing Company, is described by its brewer as:

"true symbol of our German heritage. A rich, crisp, full flavored Bavarian style Lager brewed with the finest imported German barley, choice hops, and natural water". 
This description, while adequate, comes off as a bit vague. Here are my interpretations of this beer.
Appearance-Helles lager pours a golden yellow hue with some sediment; very little head and little lacing.

Smell-This lager offers a crisp, clean-almost grassy-scent; sweet and fresh.

Taste-Tastes clean and smooth. It is neither hoppy or malty-strikes a nice balance between the two.Tastes similar to its smell-somewhat grassy.

Mouthfeel-Medium carbonation and a little thin; crisp flavor.

Overall Impression-Nothing stood out to me as exceptionally good about this lager, but nothing stood out as exceedingly bad, either. It is a very easy drinking brew that would be perfect on a hot summer day. When pairing with food, this unassuming beer will work well with Mexican, barbecue, burgers and salty snacks such as chips, pretzels and popcorn.

Helles Lager is brewed locally by the Rivertown Brewing Company from Lockland (Cincinnati), Ohio. It is available for sale in 12 ounce bottles or on draft. Bottles may be purchased as a six pack or as a part of a variety sampler. It can be purchased in bottles at Heather's Coffee and Cafe, located in Springboro. For more information, please visit the Rivertown Brewing website or Facebook page.

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