Wednesday, June 25, 2014

50 ways to use your basil

(Photo credit: Darny)
Last week, while out celebrating a short work night with a friend/co-worker, I ran into a friend/customer of mine from another restaurant that I used to work at. He apparently has an overabundance of basil taking over his garden and he requested that I share some recipes so he could use up the crop.

While considering all of the ways that basil can be used, strains of Paul Simon's "Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover" played through the background of my brain. I decided to write up a list of fifty ways to use up an abundance of this versatile herb. So here you go John, Fifty Ways to Use Your Basil ;-)
  1. Chicken and basil cream sauce
  2. Portobello bruschetta
  3. Tomato and mozzarella salad
  4. Basil beer bread
  5. Chicken Caprese
  6. Salmon burgers with basil mayonnaise
  7. Roasted red pepper and tomato soup
  8. Spinach and basil dip
  9. Portobello and goat cheese pita
  10. Pesto chicken salad
  11. Garden fresh lasagna
  12. Blueberry basil soda
  13. Mango bruschetta
  14. Garlic herb bread
  15. Parmesan pork roast
  16. Strawberry basil margarita
  17. Basil pesto recipe
  18. Heirloom tomato pie
  19. Pesto olive chicken
  20. Pesto bacon pizza
  21. Basil infused lemonade
  22. Grilled chicken with summer tomatoes
  23. Baked snapper with chilies, ginger and basil
  24. Rich and creamy tomato basil soup
  25. Tomato basil pasta sauce
  26. Basil goat cheese pizza
  27. Basil shrimp
  28. Simple basil syrup
  29. Basil infused lychee lime pops
  30. Meyer lemon and basil sorbet
  31. Italian lemonade
  32. Basil lime cooler
  33. Fresh tomato, basil and garlic sauce over angel hair pasta
  34. Whole wheat spaghetti with lemon, basil and salmon
  35. Green goddess dressing
  36. Watermelon, chili and basil ice pops
  37. Corn and black bean salad with basil lime vinaigrette
  38. Basil gnocchi
  39. Basil butter
  40. Honey basil cookies
  41. Lemon lime basil shortbread cookies
  42. Mozzarella basil bread
  43. Sun dried tomato basil bread
  44. Basil focaccia bread
  45. Strawberry basil shortcakes
  46. Mixed berry gazpacho with basil
  47. Smothered yellow squash with basil
  48. Thai beef with basil
  49. Scallops with cream and basil
  50. Roasted eggplant with basil
And for those of you who now have Paul Simon stuck in your head, here you go!

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